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The Herb Companion Guide to Healing Herbs is packed with valuable and illuminating information on more than 136 favorite herbs for growing, cooking and healing.

A 100-page guide is filled with articles on herbs that help you save money and help you stay healthy throughout the year. Articles cover everything from skin-soothing herbs to herbs that help with cold and flu.

Other articles include:

  • Don't Break the Bank: Discover 15 herbs that will save you money on medical bills
  • Beat Winter Colds: Treat and prevent winter colds with natural remedies
  • Lower Your Blood Pressure: Help correct hypertension with four effective herbs
  • Soothe Psoriasis: Control this skin condition with natural remedies

Discover much more about healing herbs and how you can benefit from them! Also included are 14 delicious recipes, in-depth plant profiles and more!