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This set includes:

The Beginner's Guide to Dehydrating Food

This essential companion for putting your food dehydrator to work features instructions and techniques for drying all the most popular fruits and vegetables, along with meat and herbs. Discover an easy and economical way to stock your pantry with apple rings, mango slices, banana chips, dried soup beans, tomatoes, and more.

You’ll learn to dry these fruits and vegetables at their peak for year-round enjoyment. Drying guidelines for specialty items like meat jerky, fruit leather, dried herb and spice mixtures, backpacking meals, and even baby food round out this friendly handbook. Whether you’re prepping for a camping or hunting trip, stocking your pantry, or saving the surplus from your garden, this is the only book you’ll need.


4 Tray Digital Dehydrator

Easily adjust the temperature from 100 to 160º F to dry various foods. The food dehydrator has four temperature presets. The 100º F preset is perfect for herbs, 125º F for vegetables, 135º F for fruits, and 160º for jerky (meat). Within hours, you'll have wholesome foods like banana chips and dried strawberries for your morning oatmeal, dried tomatoes for homemade pizza, or protein-rich jerky for snacking. Quickly check foods as they dehydrate through the clear, vented lid. The four stackable trays provide up to 3 square feet of drying space. The trays and lid are BPA-free and easy to clean.

Consistent even drying without rotating trays.
The powerful 500-watt base-mounted heater and quiet fan on this Weston food dehydrator ensure constant airflow for consistent, even drying without having to rotate the trays.

Digital Dehydrator Features:

Four stackable trays
The four stackable trays provide up to 3 square feet of drying space for making various all-natural foods and snacks with no added sugar or preservatives. Dry meat for jerky, fruit snacks, veggie chips, and other healthy foods at home.

Adjustable temperature with 4 presets
Easily adjust the temperature from 100-160º F to dry any food. Presets include 100º F for herbs, 125º F for vegetables, 135º F for fruits, and 160º for jerky (meat). The red light illuminates when the power is on.

Monitor drying progress
With the clear, vented lid on our dehydrator machine, you can quickly and easily check on snacks while drying without removing the lid and disrupting the temperature and airflow.

BPA-free trays and lid
You can have peace of mind knowing you're preparing your food on BPA-free trays. The trays and lid are easy to clean in the sink.

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