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Author: Shawna Coronado



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Want to move more easily? Enjoy your life and activities more? Many of us may find that an anti-inflammatory diet can help, we just don’t know where to start and are overwhelmed with the possibilities. Well, the Stacked with Flavor Set is your starting point!

In the Stacked with Flavor Set, you’ll get both of author Shawna Coronado’s books, Stacked with Flavor, and the companion guidebook, Stacked with Flavor: Healthy Snacks!

In Stacked with Flavor, you’ll get an inside look at Shawna Coronado’s journey to an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, as well as her plan that includes growing and eating organic produce, exercising regularly, and therapeutic gardening. Help your family stay healthy, lose weight, feel better, and have more energy while reducing aches and pains and chronic inflammation. Inside, you’ll discover Shawna’s secret of placing foods on top of one another to enhance color, scent, and taste and her herb and spice combinations to increase the flavor of your foods.

Once you’ve mastered the process, you can dive deep into the world of healthy snacks in Stacked with Flavor: Healthy Snacks. In her search for an eating plan to help her health, Coronado discovered that snacks, instead of being detrimental, were, in fact, an important component of a beneficial menu. Making smart snack choices is the key; a snack can keep you feeling full and emotionally satisfied all day. In these pages, you'll discover recipes for raw, protein, baked, and party snacks.

With the tips and recipes found in these two books, you’ll be well on your way to eating an anti-inflammatory diet and living a healthier lifestyle!

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H Gregory Fasching
Still waiting

The stacked with flavor set was purchased as a gift and I have received them, thank you.
I also entered the code to receive the bonus herb publication, however it has not yet arrived. Is it usually shipped seperatly?

joe crase