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Author: Brenda Dziedzic


400 pages

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An essential guide to rearing butterflies and moths in a butterfly-friendly garden.

This outstanding guidebook is for butterfly lovers and gardeners who want to create a butterfly-friendly garden and support butterflies and moths to maintain healthy populations. This second edition is updated with information and 10 new butterfly and moth species to raise and enjoy.

Author Brenda Dziedzic noticed that there were far fewer butterflies around today than she saw in her childhood. Starting in her garden, she set out to learn why and what she could do to fix this. Raising Butterflies and Moths in the Garden is the outcome of what she learned about these fascinating insects and the native plants they depend on. In this book, Dziedzic shares the vast experience she gained in helping butterflies thrive through all stages of life. She shows readers how they can do the same - no matter the time of year or the size of their property - by providing all the information and practical guidance they need.

Raising Butterflies and Moths in the Garden features more than 550 color photographs showing the life cycles of over 45 butterflies and moths - from egg to adult - and the host and nectar plants they rely on. Each profiled species also includes a North American range map. These are the new butterflies and moths included in this second edition:

  • Calleta Silkmoth (Eupackardia calleta)
  • Giant Leopard Moth (Hypercompe scribonia)
  • Hickory Tussock Moth (Lophocampa caryae)
  • Io Moth (Automeris io)
  • Malachite (Siproeta stelenes)
  • Pink-striped Oakworm Moth (Anisota virginiensis)
  • Snowberry Clearwing (Hemaris diffinis)
  • Tawny Emperor (Asterocampa clyton)
  • Tersa Sphinx (Xylophanes tersa)
  • Zebra Swallowtail (Eurytides marcellus).

Like the highly successful first edition, Raising Butterflies and Moths in the Garden is bound to become an excellent seller in retail settings and a popular reference in libraries and schools.

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