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Author: Fred Demara



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If you were cut off from civilization and stranded in the wilderness, would you be able to survive? If access to food was disrupted, how quickly could you become self-sufficient? Prepare for the unexpected with the Prepper’s Foraging Set! This set includes:

Eating on the Run: Survival Foraging for Plants, Grasses, Nuts, and Berries

Eating on the Run will equip you with a working knowledge of dozens of readily harvested plants, grasses, nuts, and berries that require the least preparation. You will learn how to distinguish safe plants from toxic varieties, which parts of the plants are edible and when, and where abundant supplies are likely to be in each season. Plus, the author shares delicious ways to enjoy the plants when on the move.

No survival pantry is complete without this book!

Guerrilla Gardening for Long-Term Survival

Eating local takes on a whole new meaning in a survival scenario. The ability to feed oneself efficiently and discreetly under varying conditions could prove indispensable in a prolonged upheaval (where normal food distribution is halted or seriously disrupted). Gardening of any kind isn’t rocket science. People have been doing it for millennia all across the globe. But you’ll need to learn specific skills to get macro production in clandestine micro settings. Guerrilla Gardening for Long-Term Survival will teach you all about topics that include:

    • Choosing appropriate and compatible crops
    • Camouflaging crops with natural and improvised screens
    • Maximizing natural barrier plants and pesticides
    • Adapting raised-bed, square-foot, tower, and canopy gardening to your site
    • Feeding your garden with natural compost and manure
    • Growing foods without soil or sunshine

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    It is okay but written a little strange. Sounds like an englishman.