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This all-purpose trough is perfect for providing feed or water to all the smaller animals on your farm!

The PortaTrough 3 is difficult for animals to tip over, and the high sides prevent feed from being knocked out. Stackable and easy to store, these troughs have a side handle that makes transporting easy. The side handle can also allow it to be inverted with a toe to easily tip out water.

  • Excellent all-purpose trough for small barnyard animals; works well for providing feed or water to waterfowl.
  • Compact size allows it to be used in a small pen of show lambs or goat kids
  • Won’t crack if water freezes in it
  • Rounded inner base discourages sheep and goats from standing in the feeder
  • Easy to clean


  • 4.5-gallon capacity
  • Base: 34"L x 12.25"W
  • Top: 32.25"L x 10"W
  • Depth: 5.25"
  • Made of polypropylene

Please allow two weeks for delivery. Available for shipment to continental U.S.A. addresses only.

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