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Made of sleek stainless steel with chic, natural bamboo accents, this 7.75-inch-long, durable, modern Natural Home peeler is a handsome addition to any kitchen.

Tough, durable, and lightweight, bamboo is a natural in the kitchen. One of nature's most sustainable resources, bamboo is stronger than oak and reaches maturity in just four years — without pesticides. Bamboo's density makes it naturally water-resistant, which inhibits germs and bacteria. It won't scratch your pans like metal and doesn't absorb moisture like conventional wood.

Though used like timber, bamboo is a grass that self-propagates as it spreads underground via a network of rhizomes. A white oak tree takes 120 years to grow to maturity; bamboo takes three-and-a-half to seven years. This self-regenerating plant grows without pesticides and needs very little water; some species grow as much as 3 feet a day. Because of its fast growth rate, bamboo sequesters carbon dioxide at faster rates than hardwood trees — another bonus for the environment.

Stainless steel does not leach chemicals. The stainless steel used is 93 percent recycled. The grade of the stainless steel used is 18.8.

Care instructions: Hand wash only.
Manufactured in China.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Awesome peeler

This peeler works well on every thing we've tried it on from apples, potatoes, carrots and more. We even used it to make chocolate curls for dessert decorating. It's well balanced in hand, with a smooth comfortable to hold handle. It feels secure when using it to peel, there's no hesitation or skips just smooth peeling action. It's easy to clean. I am very happy with it

John B
Surprised by how well these work.

My wife got one of these as a gift when buying merch at the MEN Fair in Belton, TX last year. It is easy to hold onto with my big, arthritic hands. It removes the skin easily and not too much of the potato. When we saw them on sale online, we ordered two more of them. I highly recommend them.

Mary Jane Lehman
Old fashioned tool

Love it! Good sturdy handle!

Peter Hanley

Nicely made and functional....