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We combined our favorite premium publications about super herbs and all their benefits, and we’re offering them to you at one low price! Check out this collection of content featured all things herbs and see how you can improve your daily life with items that can be grown in your backyard!

This set includes:


The Mother Earth News Premium Issue: Super Herbs is full of the best information on what to do with herbs. Whether you want to add medicinal herbs to meals to give them a nutritional boost or infuse herbs into your honey for a sweet treat, there are recipes for you to try.

From turmeric and ginger to Gotu kola and sage, the resources in Super Herbs will help you learn different ways to use these herbs and many more! Discover how to find herbal relief for skin conditions, make herbal oils, salves, and syrups, use frankincense essential oil, grow and harvest your own saffron, and so much more!

Articles include:

  • Home Apothecary – Organize dry herbs, tinctures, tea blends, and other medicine-making basics in a way that honors both form and function.
  • Holy Basil: The Zen Herb – Try growing a unique type of basil that lends its healing properties and refreshing flavor to gardeners and herbalists worldwide.
  • Revitalizing Shiso – Fast-growing shiso lends rich color and distinctive flavor to dishes as well as vitality to the garden.
  • Blooming Jellies – Use edible flowers to make healthful jellies that complement sweet and savory dishes.
  • And more!


The Mother Earth News Collector Series: Guide to Super Herbs, 3rd Edition is your all-in-one source to learn how to increase your energy and reduce your stress levels, all while simultaneously rocketing your immunity through the roof. From the common cold and flu to arthritis and cancer, herbs are the often overlooked superpower that can play a positive role in your wellness and longevity.

Inside you will find expert advice on how to support your adrenal system (hormones that affect metabolism), grow your herbal cures for winter coughs, incorporate herbs like California poppy into your diet, and cook home-grown, heart-healthy herbal treats. With professional guidance on every single page, this is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to improve their overall health in the most natural ways possible.

Articles include:

  • Natural Healing Methods: Learn the difference between holistic, alternative, and integrative medicine and how insurance companies use these terms.
  • Normalize an Overactive Immune System: Learn about the causes of autoimmunity, common conditions, and an autoimmune diet. 
  • Closer to Nature: Science is proving what many of us instinctively know; a connection with the outdoors is crucial to our health and well-being - both mentally and physically. 
  • Grow Hormone Health: Consider growing these herbs in your garden to support balanced hormones every day. 
  • Healing Herbal Recipes: The foods we eat play a big role in our overall health. Power your meal planning with recipes that are brimming with healing ingredients. Try a freezer-friendly pesto, thyme-infused tilapia, and even a veggie-heavy stir-fry.

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