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The Mother Earth News Premium Issue: Super Herbs will prove the usefulness of herbs whether you’re using them in your kitchen or stocking the medicine cabinet. This collection offers valuable information on every page with articles written by experts such as Jessi Bloom, Maria Noël Groves, Stephanie Tourles, and more.

Explore the benefits of planting medicinal herbs in your backyard, learn how to treat minor ailments with herbal remedies, and beat the winter blues with essential oils. No matter what you’re looking to use herbs for this season, this special issue of Super Herbs will lead you in the right direction.

Articles include:

  • Landscaping with Medicinal Herbs – Fill your home and garden with herbs that will not only bring brightness and intrigue to your landscape but can be crafted into natural, nurturing medicines.
  • All-Purpose Pine – Add pine to your medicine cabinet and enjoy its ability to soothe coughs, congestion, muscle pains, and more.
  • Educating Budding Herbalists – Learn the art and science of plant medicine from anywhere in the world.
  • And more!