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You've heard of lavender, rosemary, and sage, and their many uses. But what about the herbs you’ve never used that can be so beneficial to you and your family? Extend your knowledge of herbs and their uses with the Mother Earth News Guide to Unusual Herbs. A part of the Herb Companion Series, this 96-page guide is full of tips, tricks, remedies, recipes, and loads of information for herbs you may have never heard of. Learn about the healing properties of the Balm of Gilead and the mysterious maca root, and the many secrets use of saffron. Get the best information on herbs, from articles on herbalists’ favorite herbs to six seed companies you can trust.

Other articles include:

  • Ancient Herbs, Modern Uses: Take a look at plants mentioned in the Bible and learn about their role in today’s world.
  • 5 Herbs for Women’s Health: These five herbs are well-suited to women’s health issues.
  • Fragrant, Native Pest Repellent: Mountain mint is a lovely scented herb that can safely and effectively keep away pests.
  • Guide to Growing Exotic Herbs: Expand your culinary skills with these tropical-tasting herbs.
  • Native Plants For Your Table: Aside from Mediterranean favorites, these edible herbs are native to the U.S. and great for growing at home.
  • What You Don’t Know Might Heal You: Wood betony is a beautiful perennial with a long-standing reputation for healing.
  • The Salad Green’s Comeback Queen: Valued for its lemony flavor, sorrel is more than just a tender herb that makes a great salad.