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Starting a garden can be a daunting task for any beginner. What to plant, when to plant, and how to plant are all questions that can keep you from taking the first step. The Mother Earth News Beginner’s Guide to Gardening helps answer all the unknowns.

Those considering taking the leap will gain valuable advice and a bird’s-eye view of what makes for a perfect garden site, what it takes to prepare the plot, how to select the tools needed and more. Then, for those ready to get their hands dirty, it walks them through 10 possible methods to start with and teaches how to keep track of records to look back on. After these initial steps, the Beginner’s Guide to Gardening discusses the top gardening challenges, starting seeds indoors, common mistakes to avoid, disease prevention basics, and much more.

The title might be the Beginner’s Guide to Gardening, but this issue contains information useful to beginners and experts alike. Packed with guidance and tips that cover every step (from planning and planting to harvesting and preserving), it’s a resource you will be revisiting and learning from time and again.

In this issue, you’ll also learn:

  • How to build your own composter
  • How to use worms to transform food waste into high-quality, nutrient-rich compost
  • How to build your own garden shed
  • The best vegetables to grow in the shade
  • When to harvest to guarantee the freshest and most flavorful produce
  • And more!