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Whether you want to live a more independent lifestyle, reduce your environmental impact, or just start your homesteading journey, this set has everything you need to conquer your goals. With three of the most useful beginner guides on the market, you will be a self-sufficiency expert in no time. Inside are articles on how to build the perfect fence for your homestead, how to grow your own seeds, recipes to make the best homemade cheeses, tips to perfect the harvest of your produce, and so much more!

This set includes:

MEN Beginner’s Guide Self-Sufficiency

This Beginner’s Guide to Self-Sufficiency special issue starts with a panel of experts offering seasoned advice on everything from raising a chicken flock to making a profit from your harvest. Next, it transitions to helping you get your bearings and setting up your homestead with utilities that are right for your land. Afterward, the issue walks you through the ins and outs of daily life on a homestead. Whether it’s figuring out where your main food supply is going to come from or learning what it means to practice rotational grazing, you'll find every project you might want to tackle flipping through these pages.


MEN Beginner’s Guide to Living on Less

Whether you live in the city or the country, saving money and sticking to a budget are important. The Mother Earth News Beginner’s Guide to Living on Less contains information and tips to help you save a buck or two and stick to your budget. Whether you’re growing, making, and preserving your own food, learning to build your own furniture, raising your own milk goats, or growing your own firewood, this issue will be a resource you keep returning to. You’ll also learn how to use upcycled pallets to build useful furniture, grow $700 worth of food in 100 square feet, propagate your plants with low-tech techniques, reduce energy costs around your house, and so many other applicable skills!


MEN Beginner’s Guide to Gardening

Those starting a garden will find the advice they need in the Mother Earth News Beginner’s Guide to Gardening. Learn how to make a perfect garden site, what it takes to prepare the plot, how to select the proper tools, and more. Once you are ready to get your hands dirty, you’ll be shown the various methods to start your garden and the best how-to for record-keeping. After these initial steps, the Beginner’s Guide to Gardening discusses the top gardening challenges, starting seeds indoors, common mistakes to avoid, disease prevention basics, and everything else you will need to become a successful gardener!

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Carrie Bon
great magazine

I love the Mother Earth News Beginner's Series set. A lot of information on many topics. Easy to read and understand.