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Learn how to make delicious Greek yogurt at home! We’ve put together this kit to teach you the basics of making yogurt in the comfort of your own kitchen.



This traditional yogurt starter is a pleasantly tangy direct-set yogurt starter that is easy to use. Make yogurt when you need to, and freeze the remaining packets for later. This culture is a great choice for beginners with no starter to maintain.


Prepare fresh, all-natural yogurt with this easy-to-use electric yogurt maker. Makes ten 4-ounce servings in 6 to 10 hours.

Easy to Use: Simply pour a mixture of heated milk and yogurt starter mix into the glass jars and set the timer. The yogurt maker shuts off automatically when the cycle is complete.

Equipped with ten 4-Ounce Glass Jars: Experimenting with the ten perfectly proportioned 4-ounce glass jars is easy. Savory or sweet, make all of your family's favorites all at once.

Digital Timer and Temperature Controls: Press and hold the on/off button to set time, from 1 to 48 hours (add by one hour at a time). Includes temperature presets.

Stylish and Compact: Easily fits on your countertop and complements other stainless steel appliances.


With probiotic-rich foods increasingly recognized as essential to gut health, yogurt and kefir are gaining popularity as a source of protein and beneficial bacteria. In Homemade Yogurt & Kefir, cheesemaker and small-scale dairy producer Gianaclis Caldwell opens the door for fermentation enthusiasts and dairy devotees to make and use yogurt and kefir in the home kitchen. She explores the many cultural choices and techniques for working with cows, goats, sheep, water buffalo, and even some plant milks. Step-by-step instructions cover the basics of making dairy ferments, from necessary equipment to the myriad options for thickening, sweetening, and flavoring.

Along with foundational recipes, readers will find instructions for creating different styles of yogurt, kefir, and other traditional milk ferments from around the world, including Icelandic skyr, Asian koumiss, and Finish viili. Techniques for making simple cheeses, butter, whipped cream, and other dairy products using yogurt and milk ferments broaden the possibilities of these probiotic-packed cultures. A recipe section takes readers beyond the expected pairing of yogurt with granola, offering creative ways to use fermented dairy products in sauces, soups, and even cocktails (while preserving their health benefits and flavor). Along the way, readers will learn from pioneering yogurt-makers and kefir crafters and discover famous chefs tapping yogurt’s potential for meals and libations.

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