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Kelp Mist helps plants use nutrients more efficiently. Tolerate drought stresses better and boost soil microbe activity for added benefits.

Refill your Kelp Mist at home with Kelp Mist Concentrate. Dilution instructions are available on the bottle, but you may dilute to your desired strength.

16 oz and 32 oz Bottles and Mister are 100% Recyclable and Eco-Friendly

Kelp is sustainably resourced!

Kelp Mist is perfect for: 

  • Gardening: Start your seedling off right! Spraying seedlings and sprouts with Kelp Mist will help them use Macro and Micronutrients more efficiently as they grow. Kelp Mist will help your seedling tolerate drought stress through harsh summer months. Boost your soil microbial activity, creating a strong root system, robust growth, and healthy growth.
  • Houseplants: Keep your houseplants looking green and healthy! Just like humans, plants need an extra nutrient boost. Kelp Mist will help boost the soil microbial activity that may be lacking in your soil. Microbes help deliver Micro and Macro nutrients houseplants need to thrive. Use on plants that have experienced sun stress from spending a little too much time on the patio.

To Use:

  1. Shake well before applying. Apply Kelp Mist with a sprayer, mister, or hose-end sprayer.
  2. Spray Kelp Mist on the leaves of the plant. Spray at least once a month.
    • Spray Kelp Mist in the morning or evening. Use Kelp Mist on plants in between watering cycles. Do not apply the product in direct sunlight or heat of the day.

Dilution Instructions: Add 1 teaspoon of Kelp Mist Concentrate to your existing 16 oz Kelp Mist spray bottle (or any 16 oz bottle) and fill the rest of the way with water. Or Add one tablespoon of Kelp Mist Concentrate to one gallon of water

Directions for Hose Sprayer: Attach the 32 oz Kelp Mist Concentrate bottle to a hose-end sprayer, or when using a hose-end attachment, fill the reservoir up with Kelp Mist Concentrate. Set sprayer to 1 oz dilution rate. Evenly spray over your garden

Made in the U.S.A.

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