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Author: Mother Earth News, Kimberlee Bastien

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Become a DIY homesteading extraordinaire with Mother Earth News’ Homesteading Pro set. Sharing over 100 of the best, tried, and true homesteading tips, tricks, and strategies, this set is a must-have for anyone looking to become a little more independent in life. Whether it be emergency power options, food preservation, zero-waste living, or crafting your own porch swing, this set has it all!

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Sometimes, it can seem like projects on the homestead never end. From taking care of animals to fixing farm equipment, you never know what might pop up next. But with the projects found in Mother Earth News Premium: Homestead DIY Projects, 4th Edition, you’ll be prepared to handle whatever comes your way … and even have a little fun!

Create a backyard oasis by repurposing wood pallets into furniture; learn how to grow more food by building your own hoop house; feed your animals by making your own hay, and give your land a little spunk by adding a classic homestead outhouse or a unique cob cabin. From the inside of your house to the outside, the projects packed into this special issue will keep your homestead looking good and running smoothly.


MOTHER EARTH NEWS 52 Homestead Skills follows homesteader Kimberlee Bastien as she learns one homesteading skill per week over the course of an entire year. The book details Bastien’s adventures, from building a beehive and becoming a beekeeper to creating her own laundry and dish soap. Whether you already live on a homestead, are transitioning onto one, or are only thinking about it, 52 Homestead Skills will help turn your dreams into a life worth living.

Packed with skills such as making deodorant, building a chicken chunnel, and freezing jam, the 52 projects in this book will prove helpful to any homesteader (or anyone looking to do more on their own). Life on a homestead might not always be easy, but as Bastien writes, “The learning never ends, and that’s OK. Because life without a challenge would be boring.” This book will help you through the hardest parts of living on a homestead and add some fun to the mix!


In this 4th edition of Mother Earth News Modern Homesteading, we’ve included over 40 articles that will help you start homesteading or prove a useful tool for those who have already taken the plunge. Split into five sections that cover self-reliance, food and recipes, DIY, farm animals, and gardening techniques and methods, this special issue is filled with resources that will make life on the homestead a little simpler. Whether it’s building a solar cabin, brewing your own beer, keeping a family cow, or starting a food garden, there’s something in this guide for everyone to try.

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