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Author: Andrew Pearce


192 pages


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A practical, visual resource for welding in the farm, home, blacksmith, auto, or school workshops.

Its comprehensive sections describe all the major types of welds before progressing into trickier methods. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll understand everything you need to know, from arc, TIG, MIG, and gas welding to plasma cutting, soldering, welding plastic, and more. Filled with helpful visuals and photography, detailed explanations, expert suggestions, and step-by-step directions, this go-to guide to welding also covers common pitfalls and mistakes, and how to avoid or correct them. The new, updated edition will include brand new chapters on general welding skills and understanding metals, expanded information on abrasives, and four new step-by-step projects and plans, including a fire pit, welding cart, and more.

Your comprehensive handbook to successful welding!

  • Learn hands-on welding to start repairing and creating metal equipment and structures
  • Over 400 step-by-step photos of welding processes and the differences between good and bad welds
  • Detailed sections describing specific types of welds, equipment, common faults, troubleshooting, and more
  • All major types of welds are covered, including arc, MIG, gas, TIG, and plasma cutting
  • Avoid common mistakes and correct them, with welding problems laid out section by section along with solutions
  • Tips and suggestions help beginners improve and intermediate operators broaden their technique
  • Go beyond metal with advice that extends into the wider workshop such as on drills, cutting threads, and basic blacksmithing

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chris Dauphinais
always something new to learn

i have been a farmer and heavy duty off road mechanic for many years now ,, i have also been welding since my Dad taught me to weld when i was a teenager ,, that being said, i always look for new information and techniques on doing anything related to the multiple tasks around a farm /homestead /or business,, i found this book to be very informative as well as introducing me to some new techniques and procedures ,, ,, very informative ,, clearly written and very useful ,, cheers well done ,, i also find time to play in my blacksmith shop ,, being retired is grand ,, and the tips for the budding blacksmith are right on ,, one only gets old when they stop learning new things ,, keep up the good work

I'm melting

the witch

Resource and Review

We came to welding late - already in our 70’s - by taking an intro course at our local junior college. It is a fascinating art / skill / necessity, and I wished I had found this book concurrently with our class, as it is so much more organized and clear than the textbooks designed for young people learning a trade, although I suspect it would be beneficial to young people starting out as well.

Ronald Atkinson
It is easy to use and full of good info.

I like what I see. I will not get to use it until about June or so.

Catrina Wittekind
Just what I was looking for

Very pleased with both books! Great ideas on tools. Both will be very useful!