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Guaranteed live worms!

Why worm composting? The worms can turn all the nutrients, combined with oxygen and microbes, into nutrient-rich soil that can be passed on to your plants. The vermicompost is also rich in protein for growing things like tomatoes. You could even use it as an organic fertilizer for your lawn or garden!

Benefits of Worm Composting:

  • More sustainable alternative to landfills.
  • Increases the nutrient content of your soil and plants for vegetables and lawns.
  • It helps you recycle all your organic waste into productive use instead of letting it go to waste in an ever-growing landfill!

Red wigglers are the best for composting because they consume food scraps and turn them into worm compost. The red wrigglers are also easy to harvest, so you can take a few out every time you have some leftovers for dinner and put more in! All you need is one square foot of red wiggler space per person or pet if it's just used as an outdoor bin – that means your family will only be running up about $40 worth of red worms over ten years (or less with larger bins).

Compost is the natural way to enrich your garden with essential minerals. It's also free since it can be made from all those leftover veggies you don't know what else to do with! The best part about worm composting? All that money saved on gardening supplies like fertilizers and pesticides. You'll have more than enough savings after just a few years worth of red wiggler use! With their help, we could ensure our children grow up in an environment rich in fresh foods. ​

3 different sizes:

  • The .5-pound option comes with approximately 500 composting worms
  • The 1-pound option comes with approximately 1,000 composting worms
  • The 2-pound option comes with approximately 2,000 composting worms

NOTE: Sometimes "Blue Worms" get mixed in with the "Red Worms." The "Blues" are a very similar worm species that compost organic material very efficiently as the "Reds."

The worms are packed in dry peat moss for shipping. The worms will be lethargic when you first open the package. Please place them in bedding and moisture. Please understand they just traveled in a tight package and need a few days to acclimate to their new surroundings.

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