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New to making cheese? Or just don't have the tools you need? This kit contains tools for making cheese of any kind. And by purchasing this kit you are saving money over buying the tools individually.

These stainless steel tools are strong, last long, and won't tarnish or drop off other metals or coatings (as other metals do). These are the tools used at Homesteaders Supply to make all kinds of cheese, and they are the best for most situations. For example, the 5-quart colander is the perfect size. Cover it with cheesecloth, place it atop a large bowl, place your curds onto the cloth, and allow to drain. This works well for large or small curds, and for making soft or harder cheeses.

Kit includes:

• Stainless steel 5-quart Colander for draining whey from the curd
• Stainless steel whisk for lifting and breaking up the curd
• Stainless steel long spoon for stirring in a large pot
• Stainless steel long-stem thermometer with large, 2-inch dial and clip for attaching to the side of your pot
• Stainless steel 4-piece mini-measuring spoon set for measuring cultures in small amounts
• Stainless steel 5-inch-wide skimmer for removing curds from the pot
• One 100 percent natural cotton kitchen towel
• Two square yards of 90 count 100% cotton Cheese Cloth