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A homestead has a lot of moving parts. With all kinds of projects happening at once, unexpected problems (and opportunities) are plentiful. Chaos and frustration can be avoided by having the right plan.

In Simplify Your Homestead Plan, experienced homesteader and community leader Cyndi Ball will show you how to get in touch with what you want out of this lifestyle and how to achieve it. You'll reflect on your personal strengths and interests and then use them to make effective plans to meet your goals in a smart, sustainable way.

Worksheets throughout the book guide the process, making sure you're considering all the aspects of planning a homestead before you dive in. You'll also learn how to add new projects each year to your homestead in a symbiotic and beneficial manner. Find out how to use the Sustainable Circle System to keep things organized and manageable.

Ball also shares her own homesteading story. She covers everything she's learned over the years working with her family: from her first foray into homesteading to moving across the country. Find out how she started a farm that now draws crowds for its many products, how to organize farm-to-table dinners, and more. If you’ve ever had to figure out how to butcher a chicken on the fly, you'll find that you're not alone! With this workbook, you'll be able to avoid the pitfalls of haphazard homesteading and gain the methods you need to bring your self-reliant dreams to fruition.

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