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There is nothing more satisfying than using a good tool in top condition, and a fast-cutting axe or a sweet-running chain saw is perhaps the best example. Even the best axe must have a little loving care. Born sharp as any cutting tool must be, it must stay sharp. A dull axe is a dangerous axe in addition to being one of the most ineffective of tools.

This e-handbook shows you how to keep your axes and saws in good condition for years of use, what safety gear to use and a list of selected firewood. This list includes hardwoods, softwoods, how well these woods split and the amount of smoke they emit. Chapters in this e-handbook include:

  • Axes
  • Bow Saws
  • Chain saws
  • Characteristics of Selected Fire Wood

A great resource for proper maintenance tips on axes, bow and chain saws. 34 pages.

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