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The perfect gift for any gardener; this set includes the Forged Trowel, Forged Fork, and 3-Tine Cultivator. All three items are made in Holland from the best Swedish boron steel and comes with an Ash handgrip. Sustainably made and durable.

Forged Trowel:

• Best designed trowel on the market
• High-quality tempered steel will hold a very sharp edge
• Neither the tip nor the neck will bend

Forged Fork:

• Great for breaking up soil in smaller areas
• Strong and tough
• Well balanced
• Aerates clay soil

3-Tine Cultivator:

• Perfect tool for quick aerating jobs
• Great for hard to reach places

Pkg: 13.75"L x 10.5"W x 2.75"H; 2.1lbs

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