Certified organic worm castings are nature’s best fertilizer!

    Earthworms are some of the cleanest, most helpful creatures in the world. They form their waste in tiny, ball-shaped black pellets called castings. Worm humus is the end product of their breakdown of organic matter. This manure is also known as vermicasting.

    Organic worm castings are perfect for your vegetables, fruits, trees, shrubs, flowers, potted houseplants, and more! These castings act as a repellent to whiteflies, aphids, spider mites, and other pests that feed on plant juices.

    The castings are odor-free and contain no added chemicals, perfumes, or scents. Use them directly from the bag on all plants indoors and out, in the house or garden. With castings, you can grow pesticide-free food!

    Nontoxic and safe for exposure to children and pets, the castings won’t burn plants in any concentration. With no alteration, they provide the soil with essential enzymes, trace minerals, and helpful nutrients. Adding an abundance of nutrients (including nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potash, and phosphates), they naturally improve soil quality by acting as a sustained-release plant food.

    Plants use castings to fight off fungal diseases. The castings’ high concentration of beneficial bacteria and microbes work with elements of the soil to resist plant decay.

    The castings aid soil aeration in the same way as little blocks of wood in a bucket: They create open space for oxygen, so a plant’s root system can thrive and expand. Allowing the soil to drain unnecessary water easily, the castings ensure plant roots do not become waterlogged or develop root rot. What’s more, because the castings contain absorbent organic matter that stores moisture needed by the roots, their presence improves the soil’s water retention capacity.

    Worm castings are the best multipurpose, all-in-one soil amendment anywhere!

    This product carries the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) label. You can use it in certified organic production or food processing and handling, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program regulations, with no restrictions.

    Item: 9731

    With the surging interest in foraging for mushrooms, those new to the art need a reliable guide to distinguishing the safe fungi from the toxic. But for beginner foragers who just want to answer the question “Can I eat it?” most of the books on the subject are dry, dense, and written by mycologists for other mycologists.

    Item: 11313

    Author: Frank Hyman

    Format: Paperback


    The Skillful Forager is the ultimate forager’s guide to working with any wild plant in the field, kitchen, or pantry. From harvesting skills that will allow you to gather from the same plant again and again to highlighting how to get the most out of each and every type of wild edible, trusted expert Leda Meredith explores the most effective ways to harvest, preserve, and prepare all of your foraged foods. Featuring detailed identification information for over forty wild edibles commonly found across North America, the plant profiles in this book focus on sustainable harvesting techniques that can be applied to hundreds of other plants. This indispensable reference also provides simple recipes that can help you make the most of each season.

    Item: 10478

    Author: Leda Meredith

    Format: Paperback


    This unique chart presents gardening events in a "time phased" format so that it is possible to see at a glance the entire planting, growing and harvesting period. It shows proper indoor and outdoor planting times relative to spring and fall frost dates for 22 common garden vegetables. Since frost dates vary from region to region, the chart will slide, making it useful in most parts of the northern Hemisphere where frost is a critical gardening factor. The front of the chart shows the spring season, and the other side acts as a guide for fall gardeners. Frost dates are included in the directions. A must for new gardeners. View the video to see how it works!

    Item: 8655

    Author: Clyde Majerus

    Format: Other/miscellaneous products


    With applications in permaculture, urban farming, cooking, natural medicine, and the arts, interest in home-scale mushroom cultivation is exploding. Yet many beginners remain daunted by the perceived complexity of working with fungi.

    DIY Mushroom Cultivation is the remedy, presenting proven, reliable, low-cost techniques for home-scale cultivation that eliminate the need for a clean-air lab space to grow various mushrooms and their mycelium.

    Beautiful full-color photos and step-by-step instructions accompany a foundation of mushroom biology and ecology to support a holistic understanding of the practice. Growing techniques are applicable year-round, for any space from house to apartment, and for any climate, budget, or goal.

    Item: 9850

    Author: Willoughby Arevalo

    Format: Paperback


    It presents the eight rules of mushroom gathering in a straightforward fashion. Each is identified with several color photographs and identification checklist, and there's also information on mushroom season, handling, storage, and cooking, complete with recipes

    Item: 4722

    Author: Alexander Schwab

    Format: Paperback


    This tool care wax is an amazing rust preventative. The folks at Homestead Iron use it as a finish on each and every one of their tools. The ingredients are beeswax and linseed oil. Simple enough, yet sustainable.

    It's easy to apply, too! Just rub the bar of wax all over your freshly cleaned tool and its handle, then buff off with an old cloth.

    Item: 8609


    Format: Other/miscellaneous products


    Say goodbye to your plastic planters and hello to the environmentally friendly Root Pouches! These growing containers are made from 100% recycled water bottles with fabric that’s BPA free and UV resistant. Recommended for above ground growing, these planters can be used season after season and will keep your plants healthy by letting excess water drain and allowing roots to breathe and grow. Looking for a raised bed without all the construction? Root Pouch raised beds are a great alternative to the standard raised bed gardens, just simply open and plant.

    Item: 10420

    Format: Other/miscellaneous products


    Ditch the Itch! Mosquitoes are annoying and uncomfortable. Don’t let them spoil your outdoor activities. Protect yourself from mosquitoes without using chemicals.

    • Package includes 4 bottles
    • Repels mosquitoes for hours
    • Fresh lemon scent
    • 100% organic
    • DEET-free
    • 2 oz. size perfect for carry on luggage, backpacks, purses, gloveboxes, picnic baskets and sports bags

    Ingredients: A unique blend of Peppermint, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, and Lavender

    Item: 8467


    Format: Other/miscellaneous products


    Ditch the itch! Mosquitoes are annoying and uncomfortable. Don’t let them spoil your outdoor activities. Protect yourself from mosquitoes without using chemicals.

    • Repels mosquitoes for hours
    • Fresh lemon scent
    • 100 percent organic
    • DEET-free
    • Large, 6-ounce size

    Ingredients: A unique blend of distilled water, isopropyl alcohol, and four natural essential oils (peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree, and lavender).

    Item: 9939

    Format: Other/miscellaneous products


    Feel great about your garden and reduce your carbon footprint with these biodegradable plant markers. Made to last in every kind of weather, these plant markers will be marking your garden plants for years to come! Because they are made with 80 percent biodegradable polyesters and 20 percent biomass, after years of use, you can throw them into your compost!

    Item: 9085

    Format: Other/miscellaneous products


    The perfect gift for avid or beginning gardeners! This set includes the Forged Trowel and the Forged Small Trowel.

    • Best designed trowel on the market
    • High-quality tempered steel will hold a very sharp edge
    • Neither the tip nor the neck will bend

    Pkg: 13.75"L x 7"W x 2.75"H; 1.5lbs

    Made in Holland from the best Swedish boron steel and comes with an Ash handgrip. Sustainably made and durable.

    Item: 11297

    Format: Other/miscellaneous products


    The perfect gift for any gardener; this set includes the Forged Trowel, Forged Fork, and 3-Tine Cultivator. All three items are made in Holland from the best Swedish boron steel and comes with an Ash handgrip. Sustainably made and durable.

    Forged Trowel:

    • Best designed trowel on the market
    • High-quality tempered steel will hold a very sharp edge
    • Neither the tip nor the neck will bend

    Forged Fork:

    • Great for breaking up soil in smaller areas
    • Strong and tough
    • Well balanced
    • Aerates clay soil

    3-Tine Cultivator:

    • Perfect tool for quick aerating jobs
    • Great for hard to reach places

    Pkg: 13.75"L x 10.5"W x 2.75"H; 2.1lbs

    Item: 11296

    Format: Other/miscellaneous products


    This tool is an improved version of the classic garden fork or digging fork. The O-handle allows for an incredible variety of ergonomic functions. Excellent for digging. The 4-tine can be stood upon in order to push the tines deep into the soil. It can be used for turning over and breaking up soil, breaking through soil thick with weeds and roots, for aerating garden beds, and for harvesting root crops. Excellent for foraging, small-scale intensive agriculture, and landscaping.

    Item: 10785

    Format: Other/miscellaneous products


    They want organic plant food to give you healthy human food. 5-0-5 Organic All-Purpose Plant Food, phosphorus-free with mycorrhizae. (6.5 lb. shaker jug) Ideal for annuals, perennials, vegetables, shrubs and trees. • Perfect for vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs and bulbs • Enjoy delicious vegetables & beautiful blooms • Protect your plants against transplant shock • Balanced nutrition for continual feeding • Phosphorus-free • Fortified with Protilizer® beneficial soil microbes for soil health • Contains calcium, magnesium, iron and sulfur • Covers up to 200 square feet

    Item: 8465


    Format: Other/miscellaneous products


    This one little 5-foot plant support kit has everything you need to build a cage, trellis, fence, a-frame, tee-pee or any combination of shapes. Whether your plants are tall, tumbling, or towering, no one plant frame can do it all—until now!

    Meet the versatile Plant Support Kit featuring patented C-BITEs plus everything else you’ll need to start growing a huge healthy harvest or showy container. No more short ties or messy spools, no more danger from sharp garden stakes. No more settling for the clunky shape and size of tired tomato cages.

    Polyethylene-coated steel stakes and partially recycled Delron C-BITEs won't rust or degrade in sunlight and lasts for years!

    The 5-foot C-BITE Plant Support Kit is a refreshing product for growing huge, healthy plants and includes:

    • 5-foot Stakes - 4 qty
    • 2.5-foot Crossbars - 4 qty
    • C-BITEs 10/11mm - 17 qty
    • 12" Precut Garden Ties - 20 qty
    • Stake Safety Caps

    Item: 10867

    This broadfork is essentially a human-powered plow. It can be used for turning over and breaking up soil, breaking through soil thick with weeds and roots, for tearing out sizeable shrubs, and for harvesting root crops.

    Excellent for small-scale intensive agriculture and landscaping. Very heavy duty. Extremely difficult to bend or break. The fork can be stood upon in order to push the tines deep into the soil, and then the long handles and fulcrum-wedges allow the fork to be tilted back towards the user to leverage soil, rocks, and plant matter upwards in a way that is not highly damaging to the soil structure. The tool is ideal for the initial set-up of no-till garden beds, and can be used as a short-cut for the double-digging method of garden soil preparation. Removal of shrubs can be achieved in a matter of minutes by utilizing the fork from multiple angles to break taproots and lift the mass of the plant.

    Item: 10786

    Format: Other/miscellaneous products

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