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Search through all of Mother Earth News' content, from 1970-2021, with the updated Classic USB drive!

In 2003, we introduced an archive of all Mother Earth News' issues from 1970 on CD-ROM, presenting a new way of accessing past issues of the magazine in a digital environment. Thousands of readers responded to the notion of being able to sift through our first decade at the click of a mouse and to the ability to search for what specifically interested them. Following that success, we continued to expand the archive to cover more of the magazine's past issues on disc.

Now, we are pleased to reintroduce the classic version of the archive with enhanced search functionality across Mother's entire 52-year history. With this archive version, you can search for articles about earth-sheltered homes, cheap solar power, organic gardening techniques, raising chickens, beekeeping, do-it-yourself projects, and much more.

Mother Earth News has also published hundreds of healthy, down-to-earth recipes, and the archive includes all the delicious directions we've published in the magazine. From strawberry jam and homemade jerky to hummus and morel mushroom quiche, you'll find something to satisfy every appetite.

Find almost every story, blog post, tip, and technique published in the magazine and online from 1970-2021...more than 27,000 articles! Also available is the Multiplatform Edition, which makes the magazine content available not just on desktop and laptop computers but also via smartphones and the multitude of portable reading devices that have become so ubiquitous.

Confused about the difference between our two archive products? These are the key distinctions:

  • The Multiplatform Edition contains files for each magazine year in a format that can be transferred for viewing and searching on multiple devices. The content can only be viewed and searched year by year. The content on the Multiplatform archive appears as the magazine itself so that you can simulate flipping through each page.
  • The Classic Edition provides a browser-based interface for accessing the archive on your desktop computer or laptop. You can do advanced searches and view content from the entire 52-year archive, all at once!
  • In addition to the ability to search the entire archive or browse each month and year, the interface contains enhanced search features.

Search by:

  • Date Range
  • Exact phrases and word combinations
  • Entire archive content
  • Headline only
  • The content of each individual article
  • Popular categories

Technical Information: This complete Mother Earth News 1970-2021 archive can be viewed and searched on a PC without the need for an internet connection.** It also includes its own private browser, so you won't have to worry about browser updates on publicly available internet browsers, such as Microsoft Explorer or Firefox.

Windows Users: Open the Windows folder and click 'Launch Mother Earth News Archive 1970-2021', then click 'START SEARCHING' to begin searching.

**Many articles contain links to other websites. To access these links, a browser (such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Explorer, etc.) and an internet connection are required.

System Requirements: Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.8 or later.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Christina Fernandez
I didn’t pay attention

It does NOT work on my chrome book but will borrow Apple computer. Oh well, live & learn

Mike T.
Good stuff!

I love having all the Mother Earth News' in one place. It's easy to search and interesting to browse through.

Tony Bartlett
Download this Archive instead of purchasing a thumb drive

Please cant we download this in digital format, as opposed to getting the thumb drive. I live in South Africa, and the postal service is non existent. The memory stick will more than likely get lost. Will gladly pay for the download. Many thanks

Ronald Atkinson
It is easy to use and full of good info.

It is easy to use and full of good info. I have many of the original magazines, that I will always keep, but the archive is quicker.

Eiko Brennan
Mother earth news classic archive

The classic archive thumb drive is convenient to carry and access all the articles.