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Misty Morning Farm wants to help others cultivate their own sustainable, chemical-free source of dairy products. Concerns about conventional farm practices led them to go in the opposite direction of other farms in many ways, and now they enjoy teaching others what they have learned. At Misty Morning Farm, they believe that your cow should be an asset, not a liability. Their complete Milking School DVD includes nearly six hours of informative lectures and demos. They include the information you need to buy, milk, and naturally care for your own Cud-Chewing Beauty Queen!

DVD 1 – Milking School Introduction
(Runtime: 2 hours, 18 minutes)
Disc 1 includes an interview with Dr. Paul Dettloff, the foremost American authority on the A1 vs. A2 mutation issue. In this DVD, Dettloff shares his perspective on:

  • The A1 mutation and how it’s linked with several health issues
  • Why Dettloff highly recommends feeding kelp to calves and cows
  • Vaccines and recommendations for homeopathic options
  • The top five herbal products every barn should have
Additional information includes:
  • Hands-on milking how-tos, as well as an easy electric milker option
  • A pasture walk to learn how to perform simple rotational grazing and double your production of forage, improve forage varieties and quality, minimize weeds naturally, draw earthworms, improve soil fertility, and make your pasture drought-resistant – all with ease
  • Demonstrations of giving a calf a shot, teaching the animal to lead, tubing, and more
DVDs 2 & 3 – The Return of the Family Milk Cow
(Runtime: 3 hours, 24 minutes)
These two DVDs include:
  • How to buy hay that will sustain a growing calf and a lactating cow
  • How to feed your cow for optimal rumen health and avoid many health issues
  • How to treat and supplement your cow naturally
  • Can my cow stay healthy on the products from my local feed store?
  • Where are the health food stores for my cow?
  • How to avoid and treat mastitis, milk fever, and ketosis (the three scourges of dairy cattle)
  • Breeding (including an artificial insemination explanation and demonstration)
  • Calving: tips and timing
  • How to train and handle a new calf
  • The proper time to wean your calf from real milk (and why)
  • How to share milk with your calf
  • Cheesemaking tips, plus other dairy product ideas to inspire you
  • Additional subjects important for owning and caring for your family cow
  • A companion manual is included
Note: Much of these DVDs were filmed during a live milking school event at Misty Morning Farm, so you will hear a rooster singing, cows mooing, and other natural farm sounds.

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