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Access all of Mother Earth News' content, from 1970-2021, with the updated Multiplatform USB drive!

In 2003, we introduced an archive of all <Mother Earth News' issues from the 1970s on CD-ROM, presenting a new way of accessing past issues of the magazine in a digital environment. Thousands of readers responded to the notion of being able to sift through our first decade at the click of a mouse and to the ability to search for what specifically interested them. Following that success, we continued to expand the archive to cover more of the magazine's past issues on disc.

Now, we are pleased to reintroduce the 1970-2021 Multiplatform version of the archive in a format that can be viewed on your PC, Mac, iPad, smartphone, Kindle, and more! The Multiplatform content appears as the magazine itself, including the cover, so you can "flip through the pages," just as if the magazine were in your hands! Mother Earth News has published thousands of articles; learn about earth-sheltered homes, cheap solar power, organic gardening techniques, raising chickens, beekeeping, do-it-yourself projects, and much more.

Find almost every story, tip, technique, and even blog post published in the magazine and online from 1970-2021...more than 27,000 articles! Also available is the Classic Edition, which features a search functionality so that readers can search the magazine's entire 52-year history.

Confused about the difference between our two archive products? These are the key distinctions:
  • The Multiplatform Edition contains files for each magazine year in a format that can be transferred for viewing and searching on multiple devices. The content can only be viewed and searched year by year. The content on the Multiplatform archive appears as the magazine itself so that you can simulate flipping through each page.
  • The Classic Edition provides a browser-based interface for accessing the archive on your desktop computer or laptop. You can do advanced searches and view content from the entire 52-year archive, all at once!


To enable users to view this archive on as many devices as possible, we provide it in the MOBI format (for most Kindle devices) and the EPUB format (for computers and all other mobile devices). There are dozens of options for viewing, and we have included detailed instructions on the USB Flash Drive for viewing on a computer, electronic reader, smartphone, or tablet. Once the desired reading software has been established, the content can be accessed with or without an online connection.

Readers who plan to view the archive on their computer without an online connection will need an e-book management application. Two applications we recommend are Adobe Digital Editions and Calibre. Both are free but require an Internet connection to download the application. Once installed, you no longer need an Internet connection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tom Mosley
I'm a PATRIOT just like you so I love everything you do

And will support you every chance I get. That being said, the product just happened to be amazing and it's been on my stuff to buy list for a long time.

Marco Ximello
Can't open files

Tried to open the files on the drive and they don't work. Just opens Internet Explorer and closes. Tried on chrome and just downloads itself over and over again. Also, no instructions on the drive.

Michael Wegner
Information Overload!

This is really the best thing since sliced bread OR Betty White! This type of information just doesn’t get old and anything you’d want is at your fingertips with this. Basically, a dollar a year for back issues. What can I say? If I was a rooster, I’d crow!

steven riendeau

still reading 1971

Glenn McLellan

Archives like this are really the only way to keep and store back issues. I have been moving recently and books and magazines may contain valuable information, but they are literally a pain to deal with. I wish all periodicals were available this way.