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Introducing the super herbs set, your path to wellness and longevity — the natural way! This one-of-a-kind set includes our premiere guides to super herbs, making your journey into the world of herbs a successful one. Chock-full of tips and advice from our experts, this must-have set will allow you to grow, preserve, and use your herbs with confidence, all while elevating your health to new levels.

This set includes:

Mother Earth News Collector Series: Guide to Super Herbs, 1st Edition

The Mother Earth News Collector Series: Guide to Super Herbs, 1st Edition has all the information you need to boost your immune system naturally! With articles written by herbalists like Dawn Combs, Michelle Schoffro, Stephanie Tourles, and others, readers will have all the best and most updated information coming from the herbalist world.

Inside, readers will learn how to grow and preserve their herbs through drying, which houseplants double as medicinal sources, how honey can improve their overall health, and more that will set them up for herbal success. Whether you’re just learning about herbs and looking for information on where to start or have been working with herbs for years, the 143 pages in this special issue will prove to be a valuable resource for years to come.

Mother Earth News Guide to Super Herbs, 2nd Edition

Take a dive into all things herbs and see how you can improve your daily life with items that can be grown in your own backyard! Mother Earth News Collector Series: Guide to Super Herbs, 2nd Edition is your all-in-one source to learn how to increase your energy and reduce your stress levels, all while simultaneously rocketing your immunity through the roof. From the common cold and flu to arthritis and cancer, herbs are the often overlooked superpower that can play a positive role in your wellness and longevity.

Inside you will find expert advice on how to reduce inflammation, establish your own home apothecary, incorporate herbs like ginkgo into your diet, and grow your own immunity garden. With professional guidance on every single page, this is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to improve their overall health in the most natural ways possible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Very informative and well laid out

Richard Shutt
Herb"s and how to use

Excellent book's from your company as usual!

Mary Smith
Mother Earth News Guide to Super Herbs Set

I have not had time yet to read both books. I am intrigued and have paged through. Look forward to reading both and using them.


great books

Amy Campbell
Super Herbs Set is Awesome

Very Interesting Read lots of information . I am still reading and learning alot and love the little ads for further research materials.