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This kit is perfect for beginners or as a gift. Including enough product to make four batches simultaneously, plus the all-natural Pickle Packer, the value of this starter kit cannot be beaten. Packed thoughtfully and sold with a free download of a step-by-step guide, this product will convert anyone curious about fermenting their own foods.

Kit includes:

  • 4 Pickle Pebbles (Wide)
  • 4 Pickle Pipes (Wide)
  • 1 Pickle Packer

The Pickle Pipe is a simple one-piece waterless airlock that allows gas to escape as necessary without letting any contaminants flow back into the jar. It screws into place using any standard mason jar band. FDA food-grade certified, waterless, dishwasher-safe, and more compact... the Pickle Pipe is the natural evolution of the mason jar airlock. Once screwed into place, you can forget about the Pickle Pipe for days or weeks. There is no need to "burp" your jars daily, fumble with multi-piece airlocks, or monitor the "moat" of water-based airlocks. It is truly a "set and forget" solution.

Pickle Pebbles have been specifically designed for fermentation and take the guesswork out of your lacto ferments by ensuring your veggies stay below the brine surface, thereby eliminating exposure to oxygen (which is the main cause of failure when using lacto fermenting methods). Pickle Pebbles PLUS+ are designed for use in wide-mouth canning jars and can also be used in traditional ceramic crocks. With the Pickle Pebble PLUS+, one weight is often enough to keep veggies below the brine. Dimensions: 2.75" diameter with 0.75" thickness. Pickle Pebbles are made of non-iridized soda glass, which is completely inert and guarantees that no other substances leach into your ferment.

The Pickle Packer has been specifically designed for small-batch fermentation of sauerkraut and other veggies in both wide-mouth and regular-mouth mason jars. Measuring 10" tall, 2.5" at the wide end, and 2" at the opposite end, our unique design allows both ends to be used for packing vegetables for your ferments. This allows the Pickle Packer to be used in various fermenting jars and containers. Pickle Packers are made from all-natural untreated Acacia wood and finished with food-safe mineral oil to seal and protect. We chose to use Acacia wood not only because of its renowned strength (2x as strong as maple) and durability but also because it is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Here is an Editorial review from the Editor-in-Chief of Mother Earth Living, Hannah Kinkaid:

"The Masontops Fermentation Kit included everything I needed to easily transform my spare wide-mouth canning jars into the ultimate fermentation vehicles. I love that the pickle pipes release extra air, so I don’t have to burp my jars every day. (I sometimes forget to burp my jars, and then I get paranoid that they’ll explode, so this took away that stress factor.)

The glass weights are just the thing for keeping my fermentation materials submerged to prevent mold from growing. I had been scavenging around my house for rocks, discs, and other small weights to use informally, and now I don’t even have to think about finding an impromptu and food-safe weight.

The acacia wood vegetable tamper packed everything down perfectly and felt really nice in my hands. The wood is smooth and soft, and I felt like I put more intention and might behind my fermentation preparation because I was using a tool that I enjoyed.

Overall, I was really happy with the fermentation kit, and I would definitely recommend it to my friends and other fermentation hobbyists."