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Grit has created more than six editions of Grit Guide to Backyard Chickens, and all have been extremely popular with readers and full of valuable, expertly written articles on raising and maintaining a healthy backyard flock. Now, Grit has compiled the best of the best chicken articles into one premium issue! There are more than 111 tips for raising the best poultry flock, advice from experienced flock owners, more than 27 egg and meat recipes, information on heritage chicken breeds, pros and cons of coop lights, details on other poultry (such as quail and ducks), and so much more.

More articles include:

  • Feed Your Flock to Boost Omega-3s – Three poultry management rules will help you provided healthful, omega-3-maximized eggs and meat for your family and customers.
  • When Will My Chickens Lay Eggs? – What you need to know to maximize your hens’ output and improve the nutrition of their eggs.
  • The Magic Egg – A hen’s work is never done; learn how she produces a perfect, farm-fresh egg.
  • Hot Weather, Cool Chickens – Tips from a Texas poultry owner on how to keep the flock comfortable in sweltering heat.
  • Treating and Preventing Lice on Chickens – Learn how to identify the presence of lice to avoid an infestation in your chicken flock.
  • What to Consider Before Building a Coop – You’ll need to ask yourself a few questions before purchasing a flock of chickens; where the coop will be located is just the start.
  • Best Chicken Breeds for Backyard Flocks – Out latest survey results can help you choose the best chickens for eggs, meat, temperament, and more.