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With these Oyster Fruiting kits, all you need to do is add water! These ready-to-fruit kits produce thick clusters of oyster mushrooms. Choose between pink, golden, white, brown or blue kit. Just spray with water, harvest, and eat! Highly-productive and amazing to watch. Each bag is filled with a commercial media blended with a living culture that usually fruits within 2-3 weeks after arriving to your doorstep! Amazing gifts and perfect for science projects as well, these kits typically produce 2-3 pounds of mushrooms over several flushes. Comes with a humidity tent and directions.

Fruiting Temperatures:

• White - 65-85F
• Pink - 75-90F
• Warm Blue - 65-80F
• Golden - 65-80F
• Cold Blue - 55-70F
• Brown - 50-75F

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