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Heatproof, transparent, and durable, the mason jar is a science lab just waiting to be discovered. Unlock its potential with 40 dynamic experiments for budding scientists ages 8 and up. Using just a jar and a few ordinary household items, children learn to create miniature clouds, tiny tornadoes, small stalactites, and, of course, great goo and super slime! With a little ingenuity, the jar can be converted into a lava lamp, a water prism, a balloon barometer, and a compass. Each fun-packed project offers small-scale ways to illustrate the big-picture principles of chemistry, botany, biology, physics, and more.

For ages 8-12.

Category: Bookstore

Author: Jonathan Adolph

Pages: 135

Format: Hardcover

ISBN-10: 1-61212-986-2

ISBN-13: 978-1-61212-986-0

Weight: 1.4

Item Number: 9216

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