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Wondering if an off-grid lifestyle is right for you? Scared that it’ll be too challenging for you and your family to handle? Living Off the Grid is a comprehensive shakedown of what this unique lifestyle looks like in practice and will help ease your mind about transitioning to an off-grid life. With practical instruction, time-saving tips, and hard-earned wisdom, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of a simplified off-grid existence.

In Living Off the Grid, you’ll discover:

• Practical day-to-day tips to make off-grid living simple
• Strategies for running a business or telecommuting while remaining mostly unplugged
• Ways to remain socially and professionally connected in your new lifestyle
• How to make the most of your newfound freedom and decreased cost of living
• And more!

Category: Bookstore

Author: Gary Collins, MS

Pages: 150

Format: Paperback

ISBN-10: 1-57067-373-X

ISBN-13: 978-1-57067-373-3

Weight: 1.0

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