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Lion’s Mane "Pom Pom" - (Hericium erinaceus) – is a mushroom that tastes like crabmeat! Hericium fruit have spines, not gills, and can be found fruiting on a variety of hardwood trees. Nearly identical in appearance and flavor to other Lion's Manes, this slight species variation differs in that this species forms a perfect singular ball of spines. Tearing this mushroom into strands and sautéing with butter and garlic tastes nearly identical to crabmeat or lobster. Great mushroom for anyone with shellfish allergies that wish they could eat shrimp or other seafood, try coating slices into egg, breading and frying them, pairing with a spicy mayo sauce for dipping.

Edibility and taste: Like crabmeat or lobster when sautéed with butter, garlic, and onions.

Grows on: black walnut, oak, beech, elm, maple, cherry.

Fruiting Temps: 50-65F.

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