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This versatile compost system and worm farm sits below soil level. Submerged in your garden bed, it keeps your compost where you need it most and provides functional outdoor seating. Naturally insulated, fully pest-proof and completely odorless. Keep your compost healthy in just 5 minutes a week with the Compost Aerator! Plus, the included Worm Blankets will keep your worms comfortable in all types of weather! Just soak them in water, ring them out and pop them on top of your compost! Made from the same plant as burlap (hessian), jute felt is naturally biodegradable and free from pollutants.

This Essential Bubdle Includes:

• 1 in-garden compost system and worm farm
• 1 Compost Aerator
• 2 Extra thick worm blankets included

Product Details

• In-Garden Compost System: 29.5” L x 17.7” W x 16.9” H, made from recyclable polypropylene
• Aerator: 33.4” L x 10.2” W when assembled, made from food-grade stainless steel

Made in Australia!

How it Works

This system works like a little compost factory. Your compost worms, and the beneficial microbes that live alongside them, are the workers! They take food scraps and carbon items (like paper, leaves and coconut peat) and turn it all into rich compost that builds soil and helps plants thrive.

Being underground, this system creates a natural environment for compost worms. Having access to the soil means they can feed and breed as rapidly as they like, because there’s always room for their population to grow. Soil is an insulator, and in hot weather, compost worms will instinctively escape into soil to cool down. As the weather turns cold, it will keep your worms warm and active during winter (as long as the soil doesn’t freeze). Every time your worms leave, their movement aerates your garden soil and increases its nutrient content.

How the Aerator works

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