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Learn how to improve the day-to-day operation as well as the profitability of your farm by raising healthier, more contented animals. Temple Grandin, North America's most influential advocate of humane livestock treatment, shares dozens of methods and detailed plans she has developed for low-stress ways to move livestock on pastures, paddocks and feedlot pens. The benefits are great — for you and for your livestock. Well-treated animals, free from fear and pain:

  • Injure themselves less frequently, keeping bruised meat to a minimum
  • Stay healthier, reducing veterinary expenditures
  • Remain calm in most circumstances, keeping human handlers safer
  • Deliver higher yields of marketable meat
  • Answer consumer demand for humanely raised meat
  • Are an indispensable part of efficient, satisfying, ethically managed small farms

Humane Livestock Handling includes Grandin's insightful explanations of how her general research into how animals think can be applied to improving any farmer's understanding of livestock behavior and effectiveness in handling animals. The book includes complete construction plans that are applicable for facilities of every size and a wide range of needs, including:

  • Handling systems for ranches
  • Cattle corral systems
  • Sheep and bison corrals
  • Loading ramp details
  • Fences and gates
  • Latches

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