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What happens to the food we don’t eat …all those discarded apple cores and rejected Brussels sprouts? Did you know that there are as many living organisms in a teaspoon of soil as there are people in the whole world? And that wriggly worms are our cool, earthy friends?

In Compost, Ben Raskin shares his expert knowledge, answering these questions and many more, through a whole heap of engaging activities and games. Teach your kids that composting is fun (and stop them from moaning about emptying the compost bucket) with this funky guide that takes you from compost menus (who knew worms were gourmands?) to Worms and Ladders, a fresh take on a traditional board game. Find out the rules for setting up your very own Worm Lovers’ Society, learn all about the garden-to-plate cycle together, and get your family’s feet firmly set on the road to a planet-friendly lifestyle.

For ages 4-8.

Author: Ben Raskin

Pages: 48

Format: Hardcover

ISBN-10: 1-61180-127-3

ISBN-13: 978-1-61180-127-9

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