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The ChickSafe Advance Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener is a tough and reliable system for automatically opening your coop door in the morning and closing it in the evening as light levels fall, keeping your birds save and giving you peace of mind.

Running on only 4 x AA batteries (included), our Advance hen house door opener is easy to fit to any chicken coop with a vertical sliding (or hinged) door. The all-in-one design makes setting up a breeze - no messy wiring or limit switches to attach to your coop. Simply secure the control box to the front of your coop with the 2 screws provided, tie the lifting cord to your existing door and you’re all set! No manual calibration is necessary; the ChickSafe Advance automatically adjusts to the height of your hen house door.

The ChickSafe Advance features a novel mechanism (patent pending) with only one moving part and no mechanical switches for ultimate reliability. Weatherproof and made from UV resistant materials it is designed to work in extreme conditions and can lower and raise a door weighing up to 8 Lbs. It features an 'auto-stop' if a chicken is obstructing the door.

Since the ChickSafe works by detecting light levels and looks for slow changes in light they aren't affected by car headlights at night. For your convenience the sensitivity of the falling light level is adjustable and an indicator shows that the door is open, closed, if the batteries are low or if there's a fault. The batteries level is also shown on the digital display.

The ChickSafe Advance has fully digital menu driven controls with a programmable real-time clock timer and full manual door control allowing the user to open or close the door at a set time and to override the automatic system. By a simple press of a button the user can at any time either open or close the door or hold it in its current position until the override is switched off - handy if trying to isolate birds in the hen house.

The ChickSafe Advance also comes with a unique weekend 'lie-in' feature which allows the user to delay the opening of the door in the morning on 2 days out of 7 to a selected time which can be used to keep the birds contained for longer at weekends.


• Easy to fit - self calibrating
• Fully digital menu driven controls and display
• Adjustable light sensor and programmable timer
• Weekend 'lie-in' feature
• Manual opening/closing feature
• Suitable for -20 to 120°F
• Weatherproof, UV resistant designed to work in extreme conditions
• Unique robust mechanism (patent pending)
• 8 Lbs door lifting capacity
• Auto-stop feature if a chicken is obstructing the door
• Powered by 4 AA batteries supplied
• Long battery life - typically 1 year
• Retains settings when you need to change the batteries
• Indicator visible up to 100 yards away - Door status, low battery warning, fault alert
• Battery level shown on the digital display
• Easily adjustable light sensitivity for closing
• Not affected by lightning or car headlights
• No minimum or maximum door heights
• Suitable for both external and internally mounted doors
• Low maintenance
• Full 3 year warranty

Note. The ChickSafe Advance opener is designed to operate with up/down sliding coop doors weighing up to 8 Lbs.

Please allow two weeks for delivery. Available for shipment to continental U.S. addresses only.

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