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This broadfork is essentially a human-powered plow. It can be used for turning over and breaking up soil, breaking through soil thick with weeds and roots, for tearing out small shrubs, and for harvesting root crops.

Excellent for small-scale intensive agriculture and landscaping. Very heavy duty. Extremely difficult to bend or break. The fork can be stood upon in order to push the tines deep into the soil, and then the long handles and fulcrum-wedges allow the fork to be tilted back towards the user to leverage soil, rocks, and plant matter upwards in a way that is not highly damaging to the soil structure. The tool is ideal for the initial set-up of no-till garden beds, and can be used as a short-cut for the double-digging method of garden soil preparation. Removal of small shrubs can be achieved in a matter of minutes by utilizing the fork from multiple angles to break taproots and lift the mass of the plant.

The handles are easily attached and detached for storage and transport utilizing specialty pins. The tool should be cleaned regularly with steel wool and coconut or linseed oil, and should not be stored outdoors or in high humidity, as rusting may occur.

The fork (not the handles) is made from AR-400 grade steel. This alloy exhibits high abrasion resistance (AR) and hardness. The addition of carbon and manganese, as well as quenching and tempering increase the hardness of the steel and create a very durable, impact-resistant surface. It is used in applications where abrasive materials such as grains, coal, ore, cement, gravel, light aggregate, and earth are being handled.


Weight: 22 lbs

Total height: 67"

Length of tines: 12"

Handle height: 54"

Total width: 24"

Please allow two weeks for delivery. Available for shipment to continental U.S. addresses only.

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