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This is a favorite tool for weeding garlic and other closely planted crops with ease. The long handle makes quick work of weeding, cultivating, and making seed furrows. The unique blade shape and angle make it a powerful weeding device. The blade can cut hard soil with less resistance than a wider hoe or multi-tined tool. Crops like onions become a breeze to weed while protecting the fragile roots from harm. Work with uneven soil or with tightly spaced plants with ease. Hobby gardeners and even small-scale growers enjoy the benefits of CobraHead's long-handled gardening tools.

The CobraHead long-handled weeder and cultivator's ergonomic design is best used with a sweeping action, raking sideways across your body and not bending over, making it easy to get at those hard-to-reach weeds!


  • The 48" Long Handle Weeder & Cultivator is excellent for older gardeners or small-scale farming
  • Perfect size for gardeners who are 5'2" and under
  • Ideal for working around tightly spaced crops or drip irrigation
  • One year unconditional warranty
  • Recycled Composite handle
  • Made in Wisconsin, USA

**Note: The CobraHead Long Handle blade is thin, very sharp, and quite strong. But, because of its thinness, it is not indestructible, and it is not designed for removing large plants or roots.

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