Blewits are lilac to purple mushrooms that can be found fruiting during the fall and winter months. They need a heavy frost or freeze to initiate fruiting, so Blewits will not fruit in tropical climates. They taste mild and silky, and are best sliced and seared before adding to creamy potato soups with a dash of Sherry! A great recycler of hardwood leaves and compost, we have mixed this into our kitchen compost, shredded leaves, and mulched it into our vegetable garden, where it fruits. Two flushes a few weeks apart is normal. Beautiful purple-lilac caps. Approximate weight: 5 lb.

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    Garden Giant Sawdust Spawn is one of the easiest mushrooms to grow for beginners. Experienced growers have used this mushroom as a learning tool for cultivating in hardwood chip beds or mulch. What makes these mushrooms perfect for beginners is the ease of identification, nothing looks like it. It quickly colonizes wood chips and fruits a little in the spring and typically a bumper crop in the fall. It’s the perfect mushroom for gardening and permaculture projects, and can also be used to mulch the floors of livestock pens and chicken runs, as this mushroom is predatory on coliform bacteria and can help keep your coops clean and not as smelly! It can also be grown indoors on pasteurized straw cased with soil. The mushroom tastes like potatoes cooked in a mild red wine sauce and the stem is stringy like asparagus, so sautéing lightly in a little salted butter and serving it on mashed potatoes or on toast with eggs is a treat!

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    The Paddy Straw Sawdust Spawn is a tropical mushroom that only fruits above 80F and actually prefers 90+F. This protein rich species is widely cultivated in Asia on rice straw, but can be grown on many other slightly composted, dried vegetable wastes. This mushroom fruits quickly, typically in 5-7 days from spawning. The mushrooms form in eggs so they should be grown on a plastic barrier or in containers to avoid poisonous or deadly amanitas that associate with tree roots. A great tasting edible and prized in Asian markets, dried Paddy Straw can achieve protein contents of 38-42%! This culture will die under refrigeration or if temperatures drop below 50F for over a week, but perfect for intense summer heat. Perfect for growing seasonally if you have a few weeks or months when nothing else will grow!

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