Plan for a Plentiful and Profitable Harvest with MySoil Test Kits!

Successful Yields Begin with Soil Health—How Does Yours Stack Up?

Whether you operate a small-scale farm, supplement your income at the farmers market, or use your garden haul to feed your family, there are two things you never want to waste: time and money.

Gardening, for all its potential rewards, requires a massive investment of labor and resources. Think of all those hours you log each year mulching, sowing seeds, fighting weeds, and harvesting. How about the water bill and stack of receipts for expensive supplies, fertilizers, and amendments?

Did you know? While you're toiling away and forking over the cash to keep the whole operation flowing, your soil could be working against you.

Give yourself the best fighting chance to yield resilient, productive, nutrient-rich crops each season with the MySoil test kit.

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Soil is a complex medley of essential ingredients that can make or break the health and success of your plants. MySoil test kits quickly and easily identify the levels of those ingredients in your soil, providing specific guidance to balance everything out and create an ideal growing environment.

  • Eliminate unnecessary spending on amendments—only incorporate what you need!
  • Maximize the quality and quantity of your harvest each growing season.
  • Ensure your produce is packed full of nutrients for improved health and nourishment.
  • Prevent the spread of illness and disease from crop to crop by fortifying your soil.
  • Increase profitability by bolstering the resiliency and productivity of your crops.

MySoil test kits provide you with an efficient, easy-to-use resource to improve your soil so that more money stays in your pocket and more crops are available to harvest, sell, preserve, or feast upon at the supper table.

Here's what you get:

  • Sample jar, nutrient-absorbing capsule, and DI water
  • Soil scoop (designed to deliver the right amount of soil)
  • Prepaid return mailing envelope
  • Professional guidance on taking your sample and simple-to-follow instructions

Here's how it works:

  • Register Online | Once your kit arrives, set up your account to let the MySoil lab know that your sample is on the way.
  • Add Soil | Collect and combine soil samples from multiple spots around your testing area. Then, add a scoop of this composite to the provided sample jar.
  • Mail Kit | Seal your sample jar in the prepaid envelope and send it in via USPS.
  • Get Report | Expect an email when your results are ready within a week or so. Log on to your account to check your levels and see recommendations.
  • Amend Soil | Take action to efficiently balance out and enrich your soil with your newfound knowledge.

Check out this video from Mother Earth News contributor and small-scale market gardener Keith Arkenberg. He walks you through the experience of testing his own soil with MySoil test kits. Having built a farm from the ground up, Keith is a true gardening pro who maintains an operation that runs efficiently and on a budget.

Why leave the health and productivity of your garden to chance or roll the dice on expensive fertilizers and amendments you may not need? MySoil test kits give you the confidence and clarity to put your best foot—or green thumb—forward.

Conserve resources and get the most out of each growing season!

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